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Yoga for a troubling tummy

Exercise can be of great benefits if you’re suffering with IBS. Yoga can be a particularly good choice of exercise, because it can help lower your stress levels and doesn’t involve too much jumping around for your gut. Some poses can help relieve certain symptoms of IBS like gas and bloating.

We are really proud to work with yoga teacher Kerry Morgan. She’s an incredibly talented, ambitious and kind hearted person that brings us real inspiration. Kerry has helped us develop a number of Tummy Friendly sequences to relieve stress and aid relaxation which you can find in the video below. This sequence is especially developed for evening time to help you relax and to aid a better nights sleep. We hope you enjoy it

Please find some more information about Kerry Morgan below and a great beach Yoga video.

Kerry teaches mindfully, with compassion and always from the heart. Her playful and light hearted approach helps guide her students to observe their mind and understand their bodies in a way that unites the body, mind and soul.Kerry believes in working hard yet mindfully, allowing ourselves to explore new challenges with a principle of acceptance and kindness towards ourself. She maintains focus on core integration and alignment stemming from her desire to use yoga as a tool to heal and strengthen the body and mind. Yoga with Kerry gives you the time and space to connect more deeply with yourself and your practice.You can find out more about Kerry and the yoga she teaches here
You must also check out Kerry’s beach yoga video.It really makes us what to pick up our yoga mats and head for the beach!

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