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I’m Sara Chadwick, founder of Tummy Revolution and long-term sufferer of digestive troubles and IBS related symptoms.

I stumbled across the low-FODMAP diet during my personal research into better tummy health and it soon became clear this was the solution to all my tummy problems.  The low-FODMAP diet is more about finding out how your body breaks down food and how our tummies react to different food rather then a “diet” in the normal term. Once I had understood how my tummy reacted to different food and made adjustments to my diet, all my tummy problems disappeared and I now feel amazing! 

Tummy Revolution came about as I knew there must be others like me out there suffering for years with no solution and little help.  Adjusting your lifestyle and making changes to your diet on your own can be a challenge and struggle for many.  I wanted Tummy Revolution to be a place where tummy sufferers could come for help to make changes to their own tummies and health in a new, exciting and fresh way.

I don’t really didn’t like the word “diet” as it just oozes limitation.  Instead I wanted to throw away any limitations and provide tummy sufferers with an exciting plan and challenge, which involved eating delicious tasting food that tummies love. 

I’m now on a mission to revolutionise all tummies out there and to stop them behaving badly once and for all! The key to a happy tummy lies within each of us and we hope you can find inspiration at Tummy Revolution, to go on your own journey to find yours.