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I’m Sara Chadwick, founder of ‘Tummy Revolution’ and long-term sufferer of digestive troubles and IBS related symptoms. Having suffered with a troubling tummy for years, I finally discovered how to control my symptoms by making some adjustments to my diet. It was a revelation that inspired me to start a revolution to help others to feel great too! 

I’m a home cook who loves experimenting; creating great tasting food that can help improve your overall health. I hope my recipes inspire you to cook some tummy friendly food that will improve your health. My other passion is photography and I feel lucky to be able to combine my love for cooking with photography.

I was born and brought up in Sweden before moving to the UK in my late teens where I initially studied and later meet my husband Andrew. In 2016 we moved to Dubai where we now currently live. I tend to spend our time between the UK, Sweden and Dubai and feel lucky to have the opportunity to see and experience different countries, cultures, food and people. I love an adventure and always look forward to the next one.

I’m also a mum of twins Noah and Evelyn, who are my fabulous food critics. They will tell me honestly if what I cook is good or bad and love sampling my food, especially the deserts and treats.

Want to read on about how I cured my digestive issues and started feeling great again? Well, here’s a bit more about how Tummy Revolution came to be: 

Looking back to my teenage years I remember sitting on the bus to school often feeling a bit unwell. My stomach was always churning and I felt nauseous. Back then I didn’t dwell much on it and in my twenties, when my symptoms got worse, I simply put it down to “a bad tummy” and stress. I saw a number of doctors and was prescribed medications, which gave temporarily relief but no cure.

I lived with a troubling tummy for years and simply thought it was just the way things were. It wasn’t until a few years ago when I suddenly had a lightbulb moment that things finally changed and I was able to cure my troubling tummy and turn my health around.

At the time I had moved to a new house and had gradually started feeling more nauseous and bloated then normally. I initially thought it was the drinking water and had it tested. Crazy I know! Needless to say there was nothing wrong with the water.
Then one morning after my usual tea with milk it suddenly stuck me that it might be the milk that made me feel unwell. I immediately cut out milk from my diet and BAM! I felt better then I’d done in many years.

Discovering that milk had such a negative effect on my tummy and health lead me to believe that there might be other foods that affected my tummy. I was already into healthy eating so there were no obvious foods that stood out. The only thing I could think of was gluten so I decided to investigate how gluten can affect certain people with gut problems.

One of the first gluten articles I read talked about something called the low-FODMAP diet. I got so intrigued reading about this method I decided to give it a try straight away. The scientific study behind the low-FODMAP diet finally explained why I had struggled with a bad tummy all these year and how certain food had made me feel so unwell.
The low-FODMAP diet was a life changer for me, which lead me to living a happy health life free of tummy troubles.

The low-FODMAP diet is not a diet in the normal sense but rather a way of helping you altering your diet in order for your gut and body to feel well so that you can live a healthy happy life.

Being on the low-FODMAP diet does means you have to make changes to the way you eat which can be a real challenge for many as it was for me when I first decided to try it out. The initial questions were many and I was unsure of where to start, what to cook, what ingredients to use and what foods I could and could not eat. 
Over the years I’ve had lots of ups and also downs, I’ve developed, tried and tested numerous FODMAP recipes that are healthy, easy to cook and taste great. To help you get started cooking some great tasting tummy friendly food I share many of my recipes on the blog and I provide some free resources 

If you’d like further help and advice I’ve published a book, ‘Tummy Revolution 21, Gut Health Made Simple’ . It’s a 21 day plan to help you get your tummy back on track. It contains, weekly meal plans, shopping lists 50+ recipes, Youga exercises and much, much more. It’s your ultimate guide to taming your tummy and to getting your health back on track. You can read more about it here

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