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Who is the 7-day Tummy Taming plan for?
Anyone with a troubling tummy who would like to feel better and healthier.

Why should do the 7-day plan?
Why not! It’s completely free with no catches and it will only make you feel better.
The 7-day plan is a beginners guide to understanding how food can affect, heal and nourish your tummy and ultimately your whole body and mind.
If you love the plan a more detailed 21 day plan will be available soon – watch this space!

Can other family members eat the food in the plan?
Yes, the food is healthy, well balanced and safe for the whole family to eat.

What should I consider before going on the 7-day plan?
As with any diet, it’s a good idea to make sure that your symptoms are not caused by any other underlying health problems and your GP can help you with any concerns you might have.
For people suffering with severe IBS we recommend that you work together with a FODMAP trained dietitian that can look at your specific needs and support you during the plan.