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Pineapple ice lollies

Summer always creams out for ice-creams and I really don’t need much encouragement to make any kind of desserts, treats so ice-creams because I love all of that stuff!I remember making ice creams growing up. I think we simply poured some juice or […]

Banana bread & muffins

I tend to have banana bread or banana muffins in my freezer most of the time because I’m one of those people who like snacking. In fact, I think I need to have snacks in order to stay happy throughout […]

Lightly flavoured fruit and herb water

Flavour infused water is a good substitute for sugary drinks and a great way to rehydrate. Here are two gently infused water recipes that your tummy will enjoy. You can make flavoured water in a few minutes and keep in […]

Jam Jar salad 3 ways

Planning is key when you are on the low FODMAP diet and you will need to prepare meals such as a packed lunch at some point as it’s hard to find healthy, tummy-friendly alternatives at convenience stores. These jam jar salads […]

Raw cacao smoothie

This rich chocolaty smoothie is a great little treat or an energy booster after exercise.It’s quick and easy to make and I love the great flavour cacao brings to this smoothie . If you’re suffering with digestive issues, eating too much […]